The Center for Black Sexuality is a sister organization of KNKY.  Our mission is to build a comprehensive library of resources through art, education, literature, data, analytics and a network of professionals working in and studying the social and cultural development of African American sexuality to provide information about the past, present and  future of sex in the Black community.  


Through our journey together we will document the beauty and power that exists in the sexuality of the Black culture in an effort to dispel myths, create common knowledge and promote open communication and enhanced sexual experiences within our community.

As Black people, our sexual expression and understanding is highly influenced by our cultural construct at any given time. We are decedents of  kings, queens, warriors, slaves, servants, activists, celebrities, Christians, Muslims, Jews, democrats, republicans, mommies and daddies, single parents, pushers, pimps, hoes and everyday people.  

Our backgrounds and experiences are as varied as our skin color yet we collectively identify as Black Americans. We need your help to drive the sex positive future of black generations.  This is our story.

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