KNKY goes beyond the traditional to offer a menu of erotic services to expand your sensual appetite, literally and figuratively. Private in-home sessions with our professional cooks, masseuse, photographers and videographers can be booked online. Your videos and pictures are your proprietary property and the final product will be professionally packaged to the highest quality standards. Our service options can be purchased as is or we will work with you to customize a package. We also offer multi-session discounts that can be used with all our service offerings. Check back as new services are added regularly.

Sensual Cooking Lessons

KNKY offers cooking classes for individuals, couples and groups that teach how to expertly cook meals designed to enhance intimacy. We have an array of professional chefs and highly experienced home cooks available for private in-home appointments. The Events page will announce classes at local venues for additional cooking class opportunities.

Cooking with Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiac: A food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire. Certain foods such as oysters, watermelon, chocolate and avocado have been classified as holding properties that enhance sexual desire and experiences. We have developed delicious recipes that center around these foods that we teach your how to prepare.

Cooking Together

Share more than just a meal...share the experience. Cooking together can bring you closer. Dance as you chop, saute and mix. Taste sauces off of each others finger tips and...not your finger tips. Savoring the meal is the climax...or is it?

Erotic Massage Lessons

KNKY offers erotic massage classes for individuals and couples that teach how to expertly entice and stimulate your partner with your fingers, hands and body to deliver exceptional erotic experiences. Chose from an array of professional massage therapists for available private in-home appointments. The Events page will announce classes at local venues for additional erotic class opportunities.

Massages for Him


Learn techniques that will allow you to rub away the pressures of the day a man carries on his back, shoulders and all the aching muscles of his body. Through your touch transcend him to sensual delight that permeates from head to toe. The happy ending is up to you.

Massages for Her

The female form is one of the most beautiful on the planet and her body deserves to be caressed. Slide your hands over mountains, hills and valleys and navigate the caverns that hold her treasure.

Boudoir Photography and Videography

KNKY offers private sessions with experienced and discreet photographers and videographers who will professionally capture your intimate moments as works of art for your private collection. Whether you chose to direct the scenes or just be the star of the show our Boudoir imaging experience will open your eyes and senses to exhibitionism and voyeurism wrapped in your custom packaging.

Erotic Photography Sessions

These aren't your everyday pictures for posts but then again they might be depending on what you're into. Whether your front or back side our photographers will capture your best side in your boudoir.

Erotic Videography Session

Whether you call it pornography or erotic art watching people have sex is hot. It's even hotter when you are the star of the show. Put down your cell phone or handheld video camera and upgrade your video to a personalized, high quality movie that showcases your most intimate and KNKY moments. Your private collection will never be the same.